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Monday, September 12, 2005

microISV, Touchdown

The Eagle Has Landed

My new Dell machine has arrived at last. After spending half the weekend getting everything installed I am now ready to rock and roll. If you have ever thought about getting a two screen system then I certainly recommend it. And not just because it makes your study look like the Star Trek Enterprise!

Your productibity will improve more from buying the extra screen than it will from spending the same amount on the extra .4Ghz processor speed. Just as useful is a RAID-0 config for your drives. This baby just flys!

Doing The Splits

With the release of VS.NET 2005 just around the corner I need to get on with actually producing the free Krypton Toolkit for release at around the same time. Currently I am working on the split container control that has the same functionality as the Windows.Forms version but with our own rendering framework.

So...back to the grind stone.


  • And once you have two, three is an easy step.. :-)

    By Anonymous James Shaw, at 3:39 pm  

  • Typical....just when I get excited about 2 monitors, I get trumped by a 3'er!!!

    By Blogger Phil Wright, at 4:19 pm  

  • I recommend the Dell 24" screen. I was addicted to two screens, but the Dell 24" is fantastic. Actually, I still use two screens, but I tend to use the second one less now that I have so much room.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 pm  

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