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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

microISV, Let the contest begin

Time for a Website

I think the time is right to get an initial website up and working. Although I do not have anything in the way of interesting content as yet, once I have a beta version of the free controls ready then I need the website ready to go.

Initially I can place a few screenshots of the work in progress and provide subscription to a notification email list. I intend to give away the basic toolkit of controls for free and so the email list can be used to notify people each time a new release is available.

At the moment I am only building the free controls so all the stuff you are seeing get created will be available for free at some point in the future. Once it reaches a point where there is enough to make a small library, I will package it up and add some documentation.

Design Outpost

When I had the company logo created I used the website. This worked out well and I had some feedback from readers that another good design site is Design Outpost. So this time around I will give them a chance and see how it works out.

I posted the project on the templates forum last night so you can see and follow the design contest directly if you like. Alternatively you can wait and read the results on this blog as events transpire.

Looking at the design process on the site it does seem quite a slow process so it might be a week before we have any initial designs to start evaluating. Another potential weakness of the site is that you might only get a single designer offer an initial sketch. Really I would prefer to have a handful of different ideas and then I can pull the best bits from them all in order to create something appropriate.

Only time will tell.


  • Hi Phil,

    I had my appTranslator logo done through the Design Outpost as well(

    I remember that after a few days, I didn't have any replies at all. The site's admin told me to send private 'invitations' to the designers that I liked most. It indeed helped boost the process !

    By Anonymous Serge Wautier, at 10:42 pm  

  • Thanks for the advice. I have gone ahead and invited a few designers to take part. A couple have already answered that they will come up with something.

    I'll keep you posted once I get some actual designs to show.

    By Blogger Phil Wright, at 8:49 pm  

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