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Thursday, July 07, 2005

microISV, Need a Strapline

All companies have a strapline to go with their company logo and company name. The idea, I assume, is to sum up the philosophy of the company or maybe the type of product or service it offers.

Something short that embodies the whole concept of the company can make it quick and easy for new comers to the website to understand what it is they do. Here are a few examples from software companies that operate in the same market as our microISV.

Powering The Presentation Layer

Pure Components
Components...Pure And Simple

More Tools. Endless Possibilities

Developer Express
Improving the Developer Experience

So, I need my own strapline for Component Factory. As a company we are going to produce user interface controls in order to make the customers applications look professional. They are intended to be a premium level product that speeds up project schedules by being quick and easy to use but also provide a high level of flexibility.

So far I have only come up with one candidate. Here we go...

Component Factory
Making You Look Good

Not sure if it sounds a bit cheesy. But it indicates straight away that we aiming to make your application look good and could also be taken to mean that the developer will look good for creating such a great appearance very quickly.

Think you can do better? I hope so, lets hear your ideas!


  • off the top of my head.

    to keep the factory and manufacturer theme
    Component Factory
    Helping manufacture better interfaces


    Component Factory
    Making the best application interface building blocks


    Component Factory
    Molding better components

    By Anonymous Mike H., at 8:53 pm  

  • Mine is:
    Doyle Publishing
    Simple, effective, and affordable software and services for small businesses.

    Un-inspired, but I think it gets my point across. :)
    - Brandon Doyle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:40 pm  

  • Also to keep the factory theme I suggest:

    Component Factory
    Where * is/are manufactured
    Where * is/are made
    Where * come(s) from

    Now replace * with nice word(s) e.g.
    real components
    master components

    By Anonymous Dimitris Giannitsaros, at 11:55 pm  

  • Maybe you don't really need a strapline. Although other component vendors have it, it doesn't mean that you need one as well. There are sucessful companies without taglines like Fog Creek Software. Maybe you only need to answer questions like:

    -What is your product going to do for *me*?
    -How much will it cost?
    -What does it look like?

    If you address those questions quickly and effectively it will resonate more effectively than a strapline on your website. The only strapline I can think of currently is "where do you want to go today?" and that's only due to Microsoft's enormous marketing machine. I've used components by all of the vendors you listed and recall none of their straplines.

    I could however see forming an internal strapline/mission-statement that drives your product strategies. For instance, "simple affordable components" rules product offerings out like "ORM" tools, etc. As you make the tough decisions regarding products down the line you can always fall back to your original vision and ask yourself if you're being true to it. Maybe I'm just turned off by marketing-esque grand-standing! In the end its really about Component Factory, and letting people know why you make kick ass components they should fork over their hard earned money for. A strapline can't convey that.

    Regardless, your controls look very promising, so keep up the good work and good luck!!

    By Anonymous Kris, at 12:46 pm  

  • /I/ like it.
    Simple, to the point and (hopefully) acurate.

    By Anonymous Ayende Rahien, at 11:11 pm  

  • I was going to start by saying the "strapline" project made me second guess "Component Factory" as the most suitable name. Not that you're inefficient, but I see more design in what you do than manufacturing.

    On the other hand, I really like Mike H's suggestions because they focus on the manner in which your components help the customer, on the manner in which your "factory" is one stop on the cusomter's assembly line to producing their product.

    Being in the Detroit area, I'm surrounded by factories and assembly lines. So I gravitate toward things toward the supplier-manufacturer metaphor:

    Component Factory
    Supplying components to the agile software developer

    Component Factory
    We build parts. You build programs.

    By Anonymous flipdoubt, at 12:54 pm  

  • Eeek, typos.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:56 pm  

  • Eeek, anonymous is me.

    By Anonymous flipdoubt, at 1:58 pm  

  • "World-Class Component Tools"

    or ... (attempted jest follows)

    "More than just a pretty face"

    or ... (attempting serious now)

    "Tools that reach your potential"

    By Anonymous Bill Woodruff, at 5:07 pm  

  • Personally, I think you hit the nail on the head with, "Making You Look Good".

    By Blogger Michael Sica, at 11:47 pm  

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